Summer Heat

in front of Matador boise idahoThe summer has come to Boise instantly with 100+ days with a cooling of high 90's. We want to remind everyone to dress accordingly to the heat. While it does not take much effort to get the bike going it, you may work up a bit of a sweat with this heat. Please make sure to be drinking enough water during your tour as well as before and after to lessen the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion.


To help get a break from the heat some great places to tour are Julia Davis Park, Hyde Park/North End and even a cruise down Warm Springs Blvd. One of our best attributes is out ability to be flexible to your needs and choices. We can start and end the tours just about anywhere and we can stop at any location you request. 


As a friendly reminder please no glass beers on the bike as we don't want them falling and breaking on our streets. 


Have a great 4th of July, and remember to Earn your Drinks. 


Boise Bike Bar Bachelorettes


Second Year, Second Bike

Silver Bullet

Wow what a great year we had in 2012. We worked with Boise City Council to approve alcohol aboard the bikes for 2013, and we have added a second bike dubbed the "Silver Bullet".


In just a month of wonderful Boise weather we have done a bachelorette, 21st birthday, teacher last day of school, 30th birthday party and many more. 


Today for June 1st we have 2 parties that will be cruising around on both bikes. If you see either of our groups make sure to yell loudly at them as with the new sound system we can't hear much. 


Have a great day, and remember to keep pedaling to earn that drink.